Global royalty program SMATHIUM (SMT) is listed on cryptocurrency exchange ProBit for the first time.

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Global royalty program SMATHIUM (SMT) revealed on the 13th that it will be listed on cryptocurrency exchange ProBit on the upcoming 14th.


SMATHIUM is a royalty program based on blockchain that aims to solve problems caused by traditional royalty program. It aims to use SMATHIUM token which allows integration of customers’ points and rewards. By providing SMATHIUM token to customers, it allows customers to use points and rewards they earned to buy products of many different brands that have business ties with SMATHIUM instead of just one brand. This method solves the major issues and restrictions of traditional royalty programs. To sum up, customers can receive integrated royalty point from any small wholesale business or retail business around the world online and offline such as café, restaurants, food stores or shopping malls.


SMATHIUM will be listed on exchange at 3:00 pm (Korean time) on the 14th and one can use KRW and Bitcoin (BTC) to participate.


ProBit exchange will be holding variety of events after the listing of SMATHIUM. The ten highest traders of SMATHIUM will receive additional SMATHIUM. Furthermore, those who have more than 500 ProBit token (PROB) will receive SMATHIUM through AirDrop as well.


SMATHIUM’s Business Development Director Joseph Hyun said,” We are very happy to list SMATHIUM on the ProBit exchange for the first time. We will continue to work hard and develop so that customers can use SMATHIUM in real life”.


Meanwhile, SMATHIUM is planning to release advertisement program and News App after the listing on ProBit exchange. The aim of it is to get customers to use SMATHIUM and save SMATHIUM in real life.


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