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Smathium - Smathium Makes Us Happy / Loyalty platform

Smathium Makes Us Happy

A blockchain-based loyalty platform that can accumulate points
and be used anywhere in the world


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Problem of Loyalty Programs


Closed Structure

Customers cannot use the rewards
they have received at other brands


Insufficient Rewards

Rewards provided are insufficient and
do not attract interest from customers.


Lack of Differentiation

Reward programs without differentiation
ultimately make customers leave.



Enjoying Membership Benefits Like That of a Department Store

Anyone including app businesses and small merchants can provide their own unique membership programs to customers. Also, they can provide differentiated membership programs to their loyal customers.

* Example of Smathium benefits at a shopping mall

Shopping malls can provide membership benefits appropriate for consumer experience instead of providing simple coupons

Single Unified Coin

Customers can receive their rewards in a single form of cryptocurrency instead of different points for each brand. Smathium guarantees the rightful assets to its customers.


Tradable Benefits

Brands participating in the Smathium Platform can buy and sell their benefits. Additionally, the membership program becomes a new sales channel for large scale sales for the brands.

Ready for Debut

Smathium blockchain-based app will launch soon.

News app launch.

Q2 of 2019


Additional SMT-services App launch.

Q2 of 2019


SMT-wallet app launch.

Q3 of 2019



Token symbol

Total supply
10 Billion SMT

Total sale
4 Billion SMT

Token price
1ETH = 20,000 ~ 25,000 SMT








  • 2019 Q1

    Platform establishment, User interview, ICO preparations and commencement of sale

    ICO site and Whitepaper 1st version launch
    Start a Bounty Campaign
    Platform establishment and user interview testing
    Release Crowdsale smart contract
    Token Sale Starts

  • 2019 Q2

    Launch SMT-Service App and secure user base. Launch promotion for initial phase

    Launch the first SMT-Service App,
    (Mite.News, etc.)
    Loyalty module development
    Launch promotion marketing for initial phase
    2nd SMT-Service App development.

  • 2019 Q3

    Expand partnerships. Launch SMT Wallet

    2nd SMT-Service App launch.
    Launch SMT Wallet (Android)
    Expand  Partnership
    Promotion for listing on exchange

  • 2019 Q4

    Official launch of Smathium Loyal Factory (ver 1.0)

    Loyal Factory (version 1.0) Official Launch
    ‘SMT Wallet’ Launch (iOS)
    Global launch : Southeast Asia
    Promotion for listing on additional exchanges : 3 Target

  • 2020 Q1

    Expand Partnership and global launch

    Expand Loyal Factory Partnership
    Global launch: North America
    Additional SMT-Service App development

  • 2020 Q2

    Development of expansion strategy

    Loyal Factory (version 2.0) Upgrade
    Expansion of 3rd-Party and partnerships
    Development of additional modules
    Mobile app for Loyal Factory administrator (Android)





Smathium (SMT) builds a blockchain-based platform service which can be applied to various loyalty programs and membership reward services.  A decentralized Application (dApp) where all businesses can create their own loyalty reward programs powered by a single token. A single united loyalty point system in small on/off-line retails around the globe involving everyday life. Cafe, restaurants, grocery store, and even shopping mall. Smathium aims to bridge various brands by building a multi-business loyalty reward platform that is open to all types of businesses. As a unified medium of exchange between users and brands, Smathium token can be used for transactions across all businesses registered on our platform and can be traded in exchanges. Moreover, Smathium is creating an additional feature where brands can connect their existing loyalty programs to a blockchain network.

Smathium has a definite goal to concentrate on the problems of present loyalty programs and solve it.
By using blockchain technology, high-value royalties and membership programs can be easily and conveniently used by anyone, creating a broad ecosystem that integrates into one coin.
Based on the experience of global e-business for a long time, Smathium has already been building projects through strong partnerships with blockchain-based projects (news app, Service app for user, etc.)

The Smathium token cannot be mined because it is not an extractable token.

The Smathium token can be purchased at exchanges and the Smathium center. Additionally, it can be earned through various brands who use our token, token rewards, membership rewards, etc.

Please refer to the roadmap listed on the website for a listing of the Smathium Exchange.

Smathuim updates will be on our official Social Media channel. The latest news will be on the Naver blog, Reddit, Bitcointalk and telegram, twitter, medium, kakaotalk, facebook, and steemit. Each link is listed in the front of our webpage. Smathium's official Social Media will always include 'smathium' so please be cautious of unverified channels.
Domestic and International exchanges are being prepared according to the schedule and will be transmitted via the official Smathium Social Media channel when it is ready.

Smathium focuses on the problems of current loyalty programs and solves them – not just one-off promotions, but the true value of customers and high-value membership programs from large companies, such as department stores and airlines. We are trying to build an ecosystem which can be available for general businesses.
Smarthium will support a variety of Compensation Loyalty applications (Dapp) on the platform as a Royalty Blockchain Platform.
We pursue an open compensation structure, expansion, and sustainable decentralization system that takes into account both customers and brands.


ICO is an abbreviation for Initial Coin Offering. It is a form of funding for issuing new cryptocurrencies to raise funds for product and service development and business proceedings. The ICO participant sends as much cryptocurrency as he/she wants to participate in and the ICO company distributes a certain amount of new coins to the participants.

Please refer to the roadmap listed on the website for the schedule. It will also be transmitted through the website and Social Media.

Smathium will issue a total of 10 billion tokens; however, only 4 billion (40%) tokens will be sold by token sales. Please refer to the white paper for details.

SMT is an Ethereum-based token that can be obtained through a cryptocurrency wallet (e.g. – Maider Wallet, Metamask, etc.) that is capable of creating an Ethereum compatible token. The SMT wallet with integrated wallet will be released in the future according to the roadmap schedule.

The Smathium token will be paid according to the order of application after the ICO is closed.

You can only participate with Ethereum (ETH).

Unfortunately, Smathium ICO does not guarantee any form of return on investment. An ICO is necessary for checking the white papers and services and participating at the discretion of the individual, but revenue or loss due to changes in token (coin) price after participation is considered irrelevant with Smathium.

Smathium ICO does not guarantee any form of return on investment.

How to participate in an ICO?

You can participate through SMT Token Sale (Private, Pre, or Public Sale) schedules.
For more details, please visit the website and official channel.

In order to participate in the Smathium ICO, the KYC certification process must be carried out as a personal certification procedure.
In any case, Smathium does not participate in money laundering by international criminal organizations.
If funds related to crime or terrorism are confirmed to have been deposited, the coins will be returned and the paid coin will also be returned.

Anyone over 18 years old can participate, but you must confirm your qualifications according to nationality and age.

The minimum amount to participate should be at least 1~5 ETH (depends on the type of sale) per person and there is no maximum limit.

Unfortunately, you cannot participate with an exchange wallet. You must send a coin to your coin address on the web to your personal wallet (see guide). If you do not have a personal wallet, you can open an account by using one of our recommended wallets (e.g. – Maider Wallet, Metamask, etc.).

Unfortunately, Smathium is not responsible for damages caused by the participants' mistakes.
Please check it several times before sending and participating currency.

Unfortunately, we cannot refund the coins you have already participated in/purchased according to the terms and conditions you agreed to.

Unfortunately, communication by phone is not available.
You can consult with the manager through the official channel shown in Telegram or by e-mail. Please read the Q&A section before contacting us.

A.You can view the participation details by viewing the TX ID.

• Ethereum| https://etherscan.io/

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